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Paula Bullock Veterinarian Shares Latest Pet Adoption Statistics

Expert Paula Bullock veterinarian offers a professional look at the latest animal adoption figures.

Amid widespread uncertainty stemming from the ongoing global health crisis, animal adoption and foster rates for the first half of this year have been overwhelmingly positive. With adoption numbers trending up and far fewer animals now in shelters than anyone could have anticipated, Paula Bullock veterinarian provides an expert look at the current adoption landscape for cats, dogs, and other pets across the United States.

“Amid the prospect of early lockdown measures stemming from the ongoing global health crisis, rates of adoption for March of this year, in particular, were up significantly on last year,” reveals Paula Bullock veterinarian.

“With lockdown looming, and with families and individuals alike across the U.S. anticipating spending much more time at home, adoption rates, particularly among cats and dogs, trended significantly up compared to the same period during the previous year,” she explains.

The number of animals in shelters fell further as owner surrenders also slowed, while rates of temporary fostering increased at the same time, Paula Bullock veterinarian goes on to point out. “Once shelters had to finally close their doors to the public amid the worsening pandemic, remaining sheltered animals were then placed in loving foster homes,” says Bullock. “As a result,” she continues, “the number of animals confined to shelters across the country has fallen to a record low.”

According to the Humane Society of the United States, in some cities, rates of adoption and fostering combined have increased by as much as 90 percent. “It’s been a bright light in an otherwise dark time,” suggests Paula Bullock veterinarian. “Around half of these animals have been permanently adopted, while the rest are now in long-term foster care,” adds the expert.

In terms of fostering alone, this represents an increase of as much as 197 percent, based on the same figures. Elsewhere, shelter intakes are deemed to be down by around 70 percent based on numbers from the Association for Animal Welfare Advancement.

Paula Bullock veterinarian graduated in 1993 and promptly completed an internship at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. “Born in Lumberton, North Carolina, I attended Raleigh-based North Carolina State University for undergraduate and veterinary medicine,” she reveals, looking back. “Following my internship, I soon opened my first veterinary practice at the age of 23,” Paula Bullock veterinarian goes on, “in Durham, North Carolina.”

Bullock also began hosting an animal adoption radio show—The Petting Zoo—on the nearby local radio station, WDCG. “The show became a huge success,” she explains, “and I began featuring animals from local area shelters for adoption.”

Paula Bullock veterinarian’s practice, Greenwood Veterinary Hospital, also became a huge success, and, seven years later, was sold by the veterinarian to become Tyson Animal Hospital.

Bullock subsequently shifted her focus to other areas of medicine. Animal rescue, however, she says, remained a primary focus in her life. This would ultimately lead to the formation of Paula Bullock veterinarian’s nonprofit animal rescue, George’s Place Animal Sanctuary, sometime thereafter.

“To this day, we continue to adopt out over 8,000 pets every year,” adds Paula Bullock veterinarian, wrapping up, “providing free veterinary care and transport all over the U.S. to their new forever homes.”

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