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Paula Bullock Veterinarian Opens up About Lifelong Love of Animals

Lifelong animal lover Paula Bullock veterinarian shares her passion for nature, pets, and animal welfare.

A lifelong animal lover, Paula Bullock veterinarian graduated in 1993, having attended North Carolina State University for undergraduate and veterinary medicine. Now over 25 years on, Paula maintains her love of pets, nature, and animal welfare alike, establishing her own veterinary practice, animal sanctuary, and more in the process.

“I’ve always loved nature and wildlife, and pets have always been a feature in my life,” reveals Paula Bullock veterinarian, who lives in North Carolina.

Qualified for over 25 years, Paula Bullock veterinarian graduated in 1993, completed an internship at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, and then promptly took her first job at an emergency facility in Raleigh, North Carolina, close to her place of study. By the age of 23, Bullock had already opened her first practice, Greenwood Veterinary Hospital, based in the North Carolina city of Durham.

Paula Bullock’s passion for the field led her to become one of only a small number of individuals in the country capable of performing innovative and often life-saving I-131 radioactive iodine treatments for cats, dogs, and other much-loved family pets.

In 2009, due to her love of animals and the overwhelming abandonment of pets stemming from the economic downturn, Paula Bullock veterinarian established Affordable Animal Care, again, in Durham, North Carolina. “My goal was to provide low-cost or free veterinary care for those in need in the community,” she explains.

Along the same lines, Paula Bullock veterinarian is the name behind the wildly successful nonprofit animal rescue, George’s Place Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary successfully adopts out over 8,000 pets every year, according to the lifelong animal lover and veterinarian.

Veterinarian Paula Bullock has previously spoken at length on topics including pet adoption, the latest innovations within veterinary medicine, and more.

Paula Bullock veterinarian is also a fan of enjoying the outdoors, and is an authority on water and snow sports. In addition to her veterinary and animal welfare work, Paula Bullock formed and opened Hexagon Wake Park in 2012. “Eight years ago, a growing passion for water and snow sports led me to establish Hexagon Wake Park,” she explains.

“Now something of an authority on water and snow sports as a result,” adds Paula Bullock veterinarian, wrapping up, “establishing Affordable Animal Care, George’s Place Animal Sanctuary, and Hexagon Wake Park have all been part of an amazing and full-time adventure.”

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