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Paula Bullock Veterinarian Counts Down America’s Most Popular Pets In 2020

From cats and dogs to birds and other pets, Paula Bullock veterinarian reveals the nation’s most popular animal companions.

With cats and dogs taking second and third place respectively in terms of America’s most popular animal companions in 2020, Paula Bullock veterinarian takes a look at eighth through fourth and reveals which surprise pet lies in first place overall this year.

“With dogs and cats in second and third place respectively, small pets, such as rabbits, gerbils, and hamsters, take a combined fourth-place spot on the list of America’s most popular pets in 2020,” reveals Paula Bullock veterinarian, speaking from her office in North Carolina.

Fifth on the list, meanwhile, Paula Bullock veterinarian goes on to reveal, are birds. “There are believed to be more than 15 million pet birds in the U.S. today,” says Paula Bullock veterinarian, “with a similar number of reptiles and horses also kept as pets across the country.”

Accordingly, reptiles and horses take sixth and seventh place on this year’s list, with around 13.5 million of each delighting their many millions of animal-loving owners nationwide. “In eighth place are saltwater fish,” explains Paula Bullock veterinarian, giving a clue, perhaps, as to what might have beaten both cats and dogs to the top spot.

“That’s right,” says the respected veterinarian, “because, in first place, are freshwater fish.”

Paula Bullock qualified as a veterinarian in 1993, graduating from North Carolina State University in veterinary medicine, and, shortly after, establishing her own practice in nearby Durham. Paula Bullock veterinarian has since gone on to host a popular pet adoption-focused radio show, set up a local low-cost veterinary treatment initiative, and became the name behind wildly successful nonprofit animal rescue, George’s Place Animal Sanctuary, which now adopts out an incredible 8,000 or more animals annually.

Conducted last year, a 2019 report carried out by leading market research publisher Packaged Facts found that more than half of American households now have at least one pet. Its study—Pet Population and Ownership Trends in the U.S: Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets, 3rd Edition—found that a total of 54 percent of American individuals, couples, and families alike now share their homes with at least one animal companion – be that a cat, dog, bird, reptile, one or more fish, or another creature entirely.

According to business data platform Statista, 63.4 million U.S. households now own a dog. The same is true of cats in 42.7 million households, where finding two or more individual felines is common, while between 4.5 and 5.7 million homes also boast a pet bird, reptile, or other small animal, based on the German online statistics portal’s latest findings.

While freshwater fish are the most plentiful pets kept in the U.S., only around 11.5 million households boast an aquarium, according to Paula Bullock veterinarian – far fewer than the 42.7-63.4 million that are home to cats or dogs.

“Because, however, each aquarium likely holds many, many individual fish, they remain, by some margin, the most plentiful pets in America today, totaling an estimated 170 million in all,” concludes North Carolina-based Paula Bullock veterinarian, rounding off her countdown of the nation’s most popular pets in 2020.

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