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Paula Bullock Examines Latest Innovations From World of Snow Sports

Entrepreneur and snow sports fan Paula Bullock delves into the latest innovations taking the field by storm.

The world of snow sports is rich in modern innovation, with snowboarding, for example, only added to the Olympic Games as recent as 20 years or so ago, despite the games themselves being almost 125 years old. An entrepreneur with a background in the field, Paula Bullock offers a closer look at some of the latest innovations from the world of snow sports both in the U.S. and overseas.

“People are often surprised at how recent many of our favorite snow sports innovations are, and how prevalent innovation remains in the field today,” suggests Paula Bullock, an entrepreneur and snow sports fan from North Carolina.

Take snowboarding, for example, says Paula Bullock. “Invented three decades prior by an individual called Sherman Poppen, snowboarding was only made a part of the Olympics around the turn of the 2000s,” she reveals.

Also a fan of water sports, Paula Bullock is the name behind the popular Hexagon Wake Park in Johnston County, North Carolina. Paula has since gone on to further hone her skills as an entrepreneur, while also contributing significantly to a number of charitable organizations and other good causes, largely focused on animal welfare and rehoming.

Innovation has come thick and fast in recent years across both water and snow sports, according to Paula Bullock. From the birth of both wake boarding and snowboarding to modern safety and tracking technologies across each field, it has been innovations from the world of snow sports, however, which have, she suggests, wowed the most. “Advances in technology have seen incredible innovations tied to clothing, safety, performance, and more,” reveals the expert.

One particularly pleasing innovation, Paula Bullock reports, is tied to sustainability. “As an industry, the snow sports sector has become increasingly focused on sustainability in recent years,” explains Bullock. From biopolymer materials—designed to replace the mountains of plastic used in the snow sports sector in the past—to raw fabrics and a new reliance on recycling, it’s a huge move in the right direction, Paula suggests.

Paula Bullock recently revealed a growing demand for both snow and water sports in the U.S. and across wider North America, and demonstrated her family’s zeal for water and snow sports alike. She’s also spoken openly about her animal charity work, including establishing Durham, North Carolina-based George’s Place Animal Sanctuary, which provides free veterinary care and transport for re homed pets to families across the U.S.

In closing, Paula Bullock briefly turns her focus back to the latest innovations from the world of snow sports. “Beyond what’s already been mentioned, new technologies in other industries are also leading directly to additional innovation within snow sports,” adds the expert, wrapping up, “focused on safety, gadgets, and cutting-edge resort facilities in some of the world’s top skiing destinations, among a wealth of other new trends and innovations which are currently on the horizon.”

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